What To Plant

Good Plant – Bad Plant. What to plant in your garden Everyone thinks that growing a garden in Noordhoek is hard. It is but if you do it right its not. We will show you how to do it right, first time, no messing around. We all know that our suburban sprawl displaces natural systems […]

Win-Win Ecology – The Good News

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Most of us know that humans have largely transformed this planet, and that species and their habitats are being lost at an alarming rate. However, there are National Parks and reserves, and international efforts to protect more of the remaining natural environments on land and in the sea – surely that should take care of […]

Developer Guidelines

Sustainable Building Some suggestions by Mike Schroeder and Mark Borchers A sustainable building is not something that requires huge resources or great expertise to develop. With a little knowledge much can be done for no extra initial costs, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and healthier living or working space, and with much lower operating […]